Georgia — the small Caucasus country with oldest culture and rich traditions, largely linked with Christianity, adopted in 4th century. Huge information can be found about this small country in internet. So we'd not paste them here now. We will just briefly list what is in Georgia most distinct and unique.
1. Architecture
The vast diversity of historical architectural sites will probably express you. Medieval mountainous towers (including those enlisted in UNESCO world heritage sites), old orthodox churches and monasteries with finest shapes, amazing carvings and colorful frescos, powerful fortresses built in inaccessible places, fortified villages, arch bridges and millennia-old megalith buildings. And all of these are in co-existence with modern architecture and skyscrapers.
2. Nature
You can hardly find another country of this size having such many different landscapes. High mountains with glaciers and deep valleys, lowland plains with swamps, Black Sea coast, semi-desert, heavily forested areas, subtropical forests and high plateau steppes with vast lakes — all of these coexist together and are several hours or even minutes far from each other. Remote hiking destinations, intact nature and number of protected areas can be discovered in Georgia.
3. Alphabet

Georgian unique alphabet with 3 writing systems are listed among UNESCO intangible world heritage sites. While Georgian language is extremely complicated, its alphabet is the simplest among the world's about 40 ones. Georgian writing is a one of "true" alphabets with 33 letters. Each letter corresponds to one phoneme (27 consonants and 5 vowels) without any exception. The letters have no case. There are no diphthongs either in Georgian language or in the alphabet.
4. Languages
Beside Georgian language, there are 4 more languages amongst ethnic Georgians: Megrelian, Svanetian (Svan), Laz and Batsb (or Tsova-Tushetian). There is one more indigenous language in Georgia — Abkhazian, spoken among ethnic Abkhazs, hwo live mainly in Abkhazia, the northwesters part of Georgia, occupied by Russian forces. Among these languages, Batsb language is spoken only in one village — Zemo Alvani (Kakheti province).
5. Folk singing
Georgian polyphonic singing, enlisted in UNESCO intangible world heritage sites, is not like any other singings in the world and mine while is so diverse by the provinces of Georgia.
6. Wine
Georgia, the cradle of wine have millennia-old wine-making traditions and hundreds of grape species, most of them endemic. The wine is not just an alcoholic drink but some sacral phenomenon in Georgia.
Vineyards of Usakhelauri grape. Okhureshi village, Lechkhumi
7. Cuisine
The vast diversity of tasty Georgian dishes probably makes you forget about your diet.
8. People
Friendly and hospitable Georgian people with centuries-old traditions of hospitality will make you feel comfortable and fun and enjoy Georgia.