Standard Terms of

Tourist Services


Last updated: 19th May, 2024


Article 1. Definitions

In these Terms, for the purposes of these Terms, the following terms shall have the meaning as follows:

1.a) Bisna — limited liability company Bisna (identification number: 400204006);

1.b) Tour — a group trip or individualized trip organized by Bisna for a Tourist on the basis of a Tourist Service Agreement, which includes entertaining, spectacular, cultural, adventure, extreme, recreational, culinary, or other types of interesting events, and which may or may not include a hiking element in varying amounts;

1.c) Tourist — a person to whom Bisna provides tourist services under a Tourist Service Agreement;

1.d) Tourist Service Agreement — an agreement between Bisna and the Tourist, concluded in any form provided by Paragraph 2.2 of these Terms.


Article 2. General Conditions

2.1. This document constitutes the standard terms of Tourist services of Bisna and is an integral part of the Tourist Service Agreement.

2.2. The Tourist Service Agreement can be concluded in writing or orally. To conclude a Tourist Service Agreement, it is sufficient for the Tourist to familiarize themselves with the Tour information and agree to the Tour terms in any form that logically implies their consent. This form may be (including, but is not limited to):

2.2.a) a written document;

2.2.b) purchasing a Tour through Bisna’s website (;

2.2.c) reviewing information posted on the internet (including, but not limited to, Bisna’s website, social networks, or other internet sources) and expressing consent to participate in the Tour through the same or another source;

2.2.d) consent expressed through mutual communication via the Internet (including email, communication applications/websites) or telephone.

2.3. At the time of signing the Tourist Service Agreement with the Tourist, they shall be informed about these Terms and that these Terms are an integral part of the Tourist Service Agreement.


Article 3. Information about the Tour

3.1. When signing the Tourist Service Agreement, the Tourist shall be informed about the following Tour information:

3.1.a) direction, duration, itinerary, schedule, distance to be covered, and sights to be seen;

3.1.b) Tour difficulty category (there are four potential categories in total: A, B-1, B-2, EX; their definitions are indicated on Bisna’s website:;

3.1.c) general rules of conduct during the Tour, as well as, if applicable, rules of conduct at various visiting places;

3.1.d) any additional offers, if available;

3.1.e) the cost of the Tour and its inclusions;

3.1.f) rules and conditions for payment of the Tour price and its refund;

3.1.g) important information regarding equipment, accommodation, food, alcohol, potable water, and medical/hygienic supplies.

3.1.h) risks, difficulties, and specific circumstances to be considered for the particular Tour;

3.1.i) any other necessary conditions and information.

3.2. The information provided to the Tourist under Paragraph 3.1 of this Article is an integral part of the Tourist Service Agreement and is provided to the Tourist in any form provided in Paragraph 2.2 of these Terms.


Article 4. Alcohol

4.1. In B-1, B-2, and EX level Tours, consuming alcohol is prohibited before or during hiking.

4.2. A Tourist must not disrupt other members of the Tour by consuming excessive amounts of alcohol during Tours of any difficulty level.


Article 5. Medical and Hygienic Supplies

5.1. Bisna provides Tourists with primary care medicines such as analgesics, antiallergics, anti-infectives, fever reducers, and wound treatment supplies during its Tours.

5.2. Additionally, a Tourist is obliged to bring with them the necessary hygiene and medical equipment based on personal needs for all categories of Tours.


Article 6. Environmental Protection and Waste Management

6.1. Polluting the environment is prohibited on any of Bisna Tours. Tourists who violate this rule may be prohibited from participating in future Bisna Tours.

6.2. In B-1, B-2, and EX level Tours, Tourists must carry waste from their food, hygienic supplies, and other items.


Article 7. Tour Changes, disrupting and cancelation

7.1. In B-1, B-2, and EX level Tours, detailed routes and campsite locations may be changed by Bisna due to weather conditions, contingencies, or extreme circumstances.

7.2. A Tour may be disrupted as well as canceled upon the decision of Bisna under the following circumstances:

7.2.a) natural disasters, weather conditions, or force majeure situations where continuing the Tour is impossible or poses a significant threat to the life and/or health of Tourists;

7.2.b) in B-1, B-2, and EX level Tours, if any Tourist is unable to continue and their life and/or health are or could be significantly threatened.

7.3. In the cases outlined in this Article, Bisna reserves the right to partially refund the Tour cost or not refund it at all, depending on the specific situation and guided by the principle of fairness.

7.4. In the cases outlined in Paragraphs 7.1 and 7.2 of this Article, as well as in any other extreme situation, the decision is made by the Bisna guide. All Tourists are required to follow their guidance.


Article 8. Tourist's Obligations

8.1. The Tourist must:

8.1.a) objectively evaluate their own experience, physical abilities, and psychological readiness before deciding to participate in B-1, B-2, or EX level Tours. Tourists are responsible for any delays or cancellations caused by their lack of physical or psychological preparedness for the Tour;

8.1.b) follow the guide's commands and instructions during the Tour;

8.1.c) show respect to other members of the Tourist group and Bisna representatives;

8.1.d) respect local traditions, rules, architectural and religious sites;

8.1.e) fulfill other obligations under these Terms and the Tourist Service Agreement.

8.2. The following activities are prohibited on Bisna Tours:

8.2.a) bringing or carrying items/materials prohibited by the legislation of Georgia;

8.2.b) consumption of marijuana or any other drugs;

8.2.c) apparently displaying, bearing or taking photographs or videos with the state symbols of Russia (flag and coat of arms);

8.2.d) bringing pets without prior consent from Bisna.


Article 9. Final Provisions

9.1. In the event of a breach of the requirements/prohibitions of these Terms and the Tourist Service Agreement, Bisna reserves the right to prohibit the Tourist from participating in the specific Tour (without refunding the cost) or any future Bisna Tours.

9.2. During Bisna Tours, the Bisna guide represents Bisna.

9.3. Any conditions specifically agreed upon between Bisna and the Tourist prevail these Terms.

9.4. These Terms are concluded in both Georgian and English languages. The following language prevails:

9.4.a) Georgian text — if the Tourist is a citizen of Georgia and/or proficient in the Georgian language;

9.4.b) English text — if the Tourist is not a citizen of Georgia and does not have proficiency in the Georgian language.

9.5. Circumstances not directly addressed in these Terms and the Tourist Service Agreement are governed by the Civil Code of Georgia and other applicable laws.