We have two options for booking a tour with us:

1. Special Planned Tours

Embark on an unforgettable journey by selecting and booking one of our meticulously planned tours. We meticulously curate tours with detailed itineraries and predefined conditions. Simply browse through our offerings on our website, choose the tour that suits your preferences and schedule, and join fellow travelers for an enriching experience with Bisna Tours.

2. Individualized Tours

Prefer a more personalized experience with your friends, family, or even solo? Opt for an individualized tour tailored to your preferences. While we offer a wide range of standardized tours, your options are not limited to them. You have the flexibility to select any tour from our catalogue, customize specific aspects, combine multiple tours, or even chart a unique direction not listed in our offerings. Our dedicated tour operators will work closely with you throughout the booking process, ensuring that your tour aligns perfectly with your interests and desires.

For additional options, explore our Places page, which provides comprehensive information about the cultural and natural attractions in Georgia.

Contact us for booking an individualized tour.

Additionally, see our Standard Terms of Tourist Services.