Who Are We?

Bisna combines two main activities:

1. Tourism Information Platform

We've gathered a wealth of information about Georgia, including:
Tours (tourists routes)
Places: significant or interesting natural and cultural-historical sites to explore
✔ Tourist products: accommodation, food, entertainment, extreme and recreation, guides, transportation services, and car rentals.

Our Tours, Places, and Tourist Products bases are structured logically and we offer comfortable search and filter options for all of them. Additionally, tours and places are interlinked with each other so you can easily find which tour includes which places or which place is a part of which tours.

In our database, you can find and utilize detailed textual information, pictures, videos, and maps about tours, places, and tourist products in Georgia.

Our database is continually growing and improving. We strive to offer comprehensive and most user-friendly tourist information about Georgia.

If you are in the tourism industry — whether you own accommodations, dining establishments, entertainment venues, recreation facilities, offer tour guide services, vehicle rentals, or transportation services — our platform is perfect for you. Register your travel products in our database and collaborate with the fastest-growing travel company in Georgia.

2. Tourist Services

Bisna offers both pre-scheduled tours with detailed itinerary (planned tours) across Georgia and individualized tours tailored to your preferences.

Our friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, experienced guides, affordable prices, diverse range of tours, and coverage of many destinations make our tourist services unique and popular.

We can take you to places that other tour operators can't and we can show you the true, lesser-known beauty of Georgia.

How did we come to this point?

Our activities are rooted in years of experience, meticulously exploring Georgia step by step, and accurately collecting and structuring information.

Companie's official info

● Bisna Limited Liability Company, Georgia

● Identification Number: 400204006

● Adress: Apartment 90, Block 2, II Kvartali, XI Mikro-Raioni, Zgvisubani, Tbilisi, Georgia