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● Chuberi, Zemo Svaneti, Georgia

● Historical province: Svaneti, Abkhazia

Difficulty level:

EX ?

Additional criteria:

Horse tourHorse tour

Off-road tourOff-road tour


● Total: 5 days

● Hiking/Trekking: 3,5 days

Extreme elevation difference:

1769 m / 5804 ft ?

Total hiking distance:

21 km / 13,5 miles

Hiking route direction:


One way


The circumstances to be considered:

● Find our terms and conditions here.
● On certain section(s), on slope(s), stones may slide or roll down when stepping on them. Each tour participant should be very careful on each step on such section.
● Slippery ascent(s)
● Slippery descent(s)
● Ascent(s) on glacier(s)
● Descent(s) on glacier(s)
● Steep ascent(s)
● Steep descent(s)
● Crossing strong river stream(s), that, apart of being an obstacle and physical challenge, results in getting footwear (and maybe trousers too) wet as well.
● Stepping/hiking in wet conditions (river streambed, swamp, wet or humid soil, deep mud etc.)
● Getting footwear/trousers wet during the hike
● High grass
● Biting insects
● Proximity to the Russian occupation line

Various amateur videos:

● Abkhazia

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Okrotskhali Lakes (translated from Georgian as Golden Water Lakes) are situated in Svaneti, Western Georgia. Didi Okrotskhali [Great Golden Water] and Patara Okrotskhali [Little Golden Water] Lakes are destinations that every hiking enthusiast should explore while in Georgia.

High mountains, rocky terrain, river crossings, cascading waterfalls, panoramic views of Abkhazia, glaciers, and some of the most beautiful highland lakes in Georgia await you. Bisna offers a scenic adventure tour to these lakes, providing an unforgettable experience with our skilled guides.