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● Adjara, Georgia

● Historical province: Adjara

Difficulty level:

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● Total: 4 days

● Hiking/Trekking: Negligible

Extreme elevation difference:

Negligible ?

Total hiking distance:

In total, several km's light hiking (without backpack) that can be skipped by any tourist if desired. In this case the tourist misses the following sightseeing: 1. Mtsvane Tba Lake; 2. Khikhani Fortress

Hiking route direction:


One way


The circumstances to be considered:

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Deep valleys, old arch bridges, green steep slopes, villages spread very high over the slopes, so high that at nights the village lights seem to be stars and you can't believe that the settlement can be located there.
Explore the enchanting landscapes of Adjara, a mountainous province far beyond the bustling city of Batumi, with Bisna.

Adjara scenery with villages spread over high green slopes

Tour Schedule:

1. Goderdzi Pass
Situated at an elevation of 2025 meters (6644 feet) above sea level, Goderdzi Pass spans the Arsiani Range, connecting Samtskhe and Adjara Provinces.

2. Mtsvane Tba Lake
A picturesque destination reachable after a short, scenic hike, Mtsvane Tba Lake derives its name from Georgian, meaning "Green Lake."

3. Khulo town
Nestled on a slope, Khulo town serves as the administrative center of Khulo Municipality.

4. Khulo-Tago Cableway and the village of Tago
The Khulo-Tago Cableway, stretching approximately 1700 meters (5577 feet), links Khulo town (located on the right bank of the Acharistskhali River) to Tago village (on the left bank). Offering stunning views, this cableway serves as a vital mode of transportation for Tago's residents.

5. Skhalta Cathedral
Venture into the Skhalta Valley, either hiking from Tago village through Dzmagula village or returning to Khulo via cableway and traveling to the valley by car. Here, explore the medieval Skhalta Church, a prominent cathedral in highland Adjara.

6. Khikhani Fortress
Discover the ruins of the medieval stronghold perched atop a high range near the Turkey border, offering commanding views of the surrounding terrain.

7. Purtio Arch Bridge
Among Adjara's wealth of medieval stone arch bridges, Purtio Bridge stands out as the first stop on our tour, spanning the Acharistskhali River.

8. Dandalo Arch Bridge
An exemplary piece of ancient Georgian engineering, the Dandalo Arch Bridge showcases the region's historic stone bridge architecture.

9. Varjanisi Tank
Encounter a relic from World War II—a tank mounted on a pedestal—in Varjanisi village, serving as a testament to the region's wartime history.

10. Makhuntseti Arch Bridge
Crossing the Acharistskhali River, the Makhuntseti Arch Bridge is another notable landmark, reflecting Adjara's rich heritage of stone bridge construction.

11. Makhuntseti Waterfall
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the 50-meter (164-foot) Makhuntseti Waterfall, cascading down the right tributary of the Acharistskhali River.

12. Machakhela Valley
Explore the quaint and picturesque Machakhela Valley, nestled along the Machakhela River—a tributary of the Chorokhi (Çoruh) River—spanning both Turkish and Georgian territories, renowned for its natural beauty and ecological significance.

13. Tskhemlara Arch Bridge
Discover yet another medieval stone arch bridge in the Machakhela Valley, spanning the Machakhela River and showcasing the region's architectural heritage.

14. Gonio Fortress
Previously known as Apsarus or Apsaros, Gonio Fortress is an ancient Roman stronghold situated near the mouth of the Chorokhi (Çoruh) River.

15. Batumi
Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, awaits with its blend of modern high-rise buildings and classical 19th-century architecture, set against the backdrop of the Black Sea.

16. Petra Fortress
Explore the ancient Petra Fortress, nestled on a rocky hill along the Black Sea coast, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.