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● Zemo Svaneti [Upper Svaneti] (Mestia Municipality), Georgia

● Historical province: Svaneti, Samegrelo

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● Total: 3 days

● Hiking/Trekking: Negligible

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● Mestia

Find 3 free days and journey with Bisna through Georgia's most picturesque, impressive, and diverse land — Zemo Svaneti (Mestia Municipality).

Mt. Ushba (4700 m; 15420 ft)
Experience the highest peaks of the Caucasus Range, breathtaking vistas, forested slopes, eternal glaciers, roaring rivers, centuries-old towers, and temples adorned with unique frescoes and icons—all nestled in the heart of Svaneti.
Tskhumari Temi
(Temi is a kind of community typical for Svaneti. Each Temi consists of several villages.)

Bisna offers you the Standard (Short) Tour in Zemo Svaneti.

Tour Schedule:

1. Enguri Dam
Discover one of the tallest concrete arch dams globally (the tallest until 2010), standing at a height of 271.5 meters (891 feet). It holds the water mass of the Jvari Reservoir and is an essential component of the Enguri Hydro Power Plant (HPP).

2. Jvari Reservoir
Explore this vast and picturesque water reservoir, integral to the Enguri HPP.

3. Mestia
Immerse yourself in the charm of this quaint town adorned with traditional towers, nestled on the banks of the Mestiachala River. Serving as the administrative center of Mestia Municipality, it offers a glimpse into local life and culture.

4. Hatsvali Ski Resort
Experience the newly constructed ski resort near Mestia, offering excellent views from its ropeway upper station.

5. Tetnuldi Ski Resort
Another newly established ski resort boasting incredible views of the surrounding landscapes.

6. "Love Tower"
Encounter the remote tower of the Kurdiani family, perched on a cliff along the right bank of the Enguri River. Commonly known as the "Love Tower," it is steeped in a folk love story.

7. Ushguli
Delight in the last and highest settlement in Zemo Svaneti, nestled near the foot of Mt. Shkhara (5201 meters; 17064 feet), the highest peak in Georgia and the Main Caucasus Range. Comprising four villages with numerous towers and offering stunning views of Mt. Shkhara and Lamaria Church, Ushguli promises an unforgettable experience.

8. Shdygra (Shdugra) Waterfall
Embark on a light hike to witness one of the largest and tallest waterfalls in Georgia, located on the left tributary of the Dolra River in Becho, Zemo Svaneti.

If you have 5 days, Bisna recommends our 5-day extended tour of Zemo Svaneti.