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● Khevi (Khazbegi Municipality), Georgia

● Historical province: Khevi (Khazbegi Municipality)

Difficulty level:

EX ?


● Total: 3-4 days

● Hiking/Trekking: 2-3 days

Extreme elevation difference:

2164 m 7100 ft ?

Total hiking distance:

26,5 km / 16,5 miles

Hiking route direction:


One way


The circumstances to be considered:

● Find our terms and conditions here.

● For obtaining necessary permit from Georgian Border Police, Bisna needs the photo of the information page of your passport that should be sent us at least 8 days prior the tour.

● On certain section(s), on slope(s), stones may slide or roll down when stepping on them. Each tour participant should be very careful on each step on such section.

● Slippery ascent(s)

● Slippery descent(s)

● Ascent(s) on glacier(s)

● Steep ascent(s)

● Steep descent(s)

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The tour begins in Dariali Valley, at the confluence of the Khdistskhali and Tergi (Terek) Rivers.

The trail winds through the picturesque Khde Valley, nestled among peaks towering over 4000 meters (13,123 ft) high. Lush greenery gradually gives way to alpine fields, which in turn transition into a rocky, lifeless landscape until we arrive at Khibishi Glacier, the source of the Khdistskhali River. Passing through a mountain pass, we descend to Juta Village. Along the journey, we encounter a peculiar phenomenon: at certain points, the Khdistskhali River disappears underground only to reappear after some distance. The sight of a valley without a visible river is truly remarkable.

During the trek, there will be one or two nights spent camping in tents in Khde Valley.